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There are so many considerations when you renest and one of them is financial.

I knew the groceries would go up and maybe some utilites would change but I was unprepared for the full extent of what it would cost.

Our daughter moved in with with two kids  no money and needed our help and hated asking for it. She knew it would be an expense and worked hard to get a job, but it took her a few months to find one.

Our grocery bill  went  through the roof . It was shocking how much we were spending. We thought we were being repsonsible and making up menus and making grocery lists but we found what we were spending at the grocery store was unbelievable.
When we last had a family of six, our son was here the first five months she was here, groceries were a lot less money. I was unprepared for the added expense, even though I thought I was completely prepared.  We also found ourselves eating out a lot more, my husband and I  to get out on our own for a while and all of us when we were  tired and unorganized and it made life easier.

For the first five and a half months she was here, my husband was making a lot of overtime and we were fine, but when that dried up, the reality of the situation kicked in. I did not have as much money to throw at food and all of a sudden we had to face how much we were spending and that we could not continue to spend that way. Our daughter has pitched in since she got her job  and buys a lot of stuff now, but the bill is still high. I am not sure I can get it down to where I want it to be and that is something we are going to have to figure out. We are probably going to have to refigure what we are going to spend, I know I am not allowing enough, so it is an ongoing challenge for me to figure this out !!

The main thing is, they are so worth it all, and I would take them again even if I had know the cost. I just wish I had paid more attention at first to what we were spending but a combination of exitement they were actually here and the craziness of the time seemed to distract me from the facts. I allowed it to continue for months by just not paying attention. I am not proud of that !!

My best advice for anyone in this position and is thinking of moving family in , is , figure out what you think it will cost and then double it !! That formula works well with home remodeling, I think it works just as well in figuring out what it costs to live while renesting !!

We are still figuring it out, but a menu and an iron clad list is the only way I know, along with bringing cash only to the store, to help  keep us  on track. I think alowing a bit of wiggle room is not a bad idea either. An extra amount added per week to what you think the groceries will cost so you have it if you suddenly remember something that is important and you have to have, or you find a good sale on something you use a lot and want to take advantage of that sale. That is something I am working on doing but still struggling. It is the plan  however and I have to stick to it or overspend the budget. It is hard, but getting easier.

It makes it all a challenge balancing the financial aspects of it all, but it is so worth every bit of it. It just takes patience and some time to get the hang of it again !!

Today, I went through last years bills and our electric bill a year ago was a hundred bucks smaller. That is a lot. That is too much considering we have a lower rate now. We are going to have to have a family meeting and figure out ways to cut the cost. I am constantly turning stuff off, I hate being the light police, it is not fun, but neither is a huge bill !!


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